Tuesday, December 21, 1999

1999 STFA Portraits

In 1999 S.T.F.A. Holding A.S. commissioned NPP to produce two portraits for the foyer of company’s Istanbul H.Q.
The portraits depict the founding fathers of STFA...

Sezai Turkes & Feyzi Akkaya

Above, Grandson Alp looking at the portraits.
Below, the artist with the paintings.

When in 2002 S.T.F.A. were looking for an appropriate way to commemorate their 30 year working relationship with Libya, they again decided upon a commissioned portrait. STFA and Libya have collaborated to develop contemporary and innovative designs and visions in the field of construction. It seemed appropriate to commission a contemporary style portrait of Libya’s leading statesman: Colonel Gadhafi. The long-term vision for Libya has been partly implemented by land development and construction undertaken by STFA, who have been at the forefront of such ventures for 30 years, building international relationships and helping to realise the visions of nations.

Colonel Gadhafi

Artist with the painting...

Thursday, December 09, 1999

1999 Where East Meets West

Where East Meets West
Doguyla Batinin Birlestigi Yer
Istanbul 1999 acrylic on canvas 160cm x 160cm

In celebration of the new millennium and as a token of appreciation, this painting was presented to Coltex by all parties involved in the production of garments from Turkey.

APS Textile & Trade Co., Bolteks Ithalat Ihracat Tekstil, Bossa T.A.S. Denim Isletmeleri, Bozkurt Mensucat Sanayi A.S., Colveta Turkey AG Istanbul Irtibat Burosu, Dynamo Denim Kumascilik Ticaret ve Sanayi Ltd. Sti, Ersin Dis Ticaret ve Tekstil, Gencteks Tekstil Giyim San ve Tic Ltd. Sti., Gunkar Konf. San ve Tic Ltd. Sti., Koniteks Readywear Industry & Trade Co., Koper Citcit ve Percin Sanayi A.S., Libra Tekstil sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti., Orkar Tekstil Pazarlama San. A.S., Piatex International Ltd., Promar Textiles, Reijnart Transport AS Haseyad Koop., Rimaks Tekstil Urunleri San ve Tic A.Ş., Roseteks Giyim Sanayi Anonim Sirketi, Sezer tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi, Telli Tekstil Industry & Trade Co. Ltd.

The image was subsequently reproduced for a 2000 poster calendar and has been reproduced several times for various projects and clients since.