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2008 Cafe Istanbul, Nova Scotia, Canada

Erkut Sumeli ordered NPP images reproductions for his new Cafe Istanbul in Nova Scotia, Istanbul. Below, making sure Ortakoy Rainbow Bridge is free of dirt or dust before rolling the image...


Kerem films me talking to camera with my paint-tube-microphone. We make a little film report to send to Canada.

Erdal collects the reproductions for his brother...

Tuesday 08 July 2008. Receive photos of the cafe...

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 British Council Calendar & Diary

The British Council produced a 2008 calendar and diary featuring photographs taken by Annabel Elston, English, and Muammer Yanmaz, Turkish, for a project called 40 Stations

The irony for me is I have never collaborated with the British Council before despite approaching them in the UK, Kuala Lumpur and Istanbul. Annabel took my photo about a year ago; I had to drag myself from my sick bed and below you can see me as January's jumping image. I was so ill that day...

2008 Suzer Plaza-Ritz Carlton

Suzer Plaza - Ritz Carlton New Year 2008
The Gokkafes image was again used for a card wishing recipients a happy New Year.

2002 Suzer Plaza-Ritz Carlton
The painting Spacecage was produced for the Mayadrom? Yeah! exhibition in 1999. It was later purchased and presented to the Suzer Plaza where it now resides.

Gokkafes Mavisi / Spacecage Blue was produced as part of the TBV43 Collection in 2001 and can be seen at the Bobrek Hastanesi Vakfi in Bakirkoy, Istanbul.

In 2002 the images were used for a Suzer Plaza - Ritz Carlton brochure presentation.

"I've come to regard the Gokkafes; the Space Cage, as an affectionate term for the Ritz-Carlton, one of the most recognisable landmarks of the Istanbul skyline. I first painted it in 1998 as construction cranes loomed above, over-looking the attractive Besiktas football stadium and uniquely located by the mighty Bosphorus. This controversial architectural statement symbolises the contradictions, dichotomies and progression of modern Turkey dragging herself up, up and away from the past. When ever I return to Istanbul, the Gokkafes is a solid, comforting and reassuring sight welcoming me home. I imagine at night, when no one is looking, this Gokkafes character opens its eyes with a gentle giant smile, checking all it purveys is OK."
Ned Pamphilon November 2006